Discover an Unexplored Area

Discover an Unexplored Area
What images come to mind when you hear “unchartered lands”? The Amazon? Cannibals? Indiana Jones, perhaps?

Unfortunately, you will find neither cannibals nor Indiana Jones in Japan, even though there is a famous ramen shop in Osaka which Harrison Ford once visited. History-rich Japan, divided into remote regions by mountains and sea, actually has many such mysterious, lesser-known areas with unique cultures unknown to city dwellers, not covered in guidebooks.

Although difficult to access by train, many of these places are not actually closed off to visitors or tourists. These remote areas are merely treasured by their inhabitants, eager to preserve the natural beauty and longstanding traditions of their land. They are usually welcoming to visitors who come their way, even though there may be a language barrier.

If you are tired of crowded places and tourist-ridden spots, why not let us lead you off the beaten path? That way, you can really experience the gorgeous simplicity that is the heart of Japan.
Authentrip partners with knowledgeable locals to showcase these rare gems not introduced in famous guidebooks. We seek to show you the unchartered lands. Come explore Japan with us!

With a brief trek through a forest, you can behold Onbashi – a natural rock arch. In fact, it is the third largest stone bridge in the world! Go explore Shobara and Onbashi on our tour!

See the marvelous, rugged coastline created by the waves of the Sea of Japan from our Uradome cruise.

Known as the Primeal Frontier of Hokkaido, the Shiretoko Peninsula has barely been touched by human hands!