Why Authentrip?

What do you take with you from the experience of travelling to another country and learning about another culture?
We want to help you find all the things that make a journey truly authentic: surprises and discoveries, adventures and awe, chance encounters and new connections.

The Authentrip team is made up of certified Domestic Travel Service Supervisors and specialists in fields such as tour planning, small & medium enterprise management, and sales & marketing. And, of course, we all love to travel!

Furthermore, we ensure that the price of your tour will not include any unnecessary costs. We will steer you in the direction of the very best deals on everything, from accommodation to transportation or anything else you may be interested in.

Combining our own industry expertise and extensive consultation with seasoned travelers, we have carefully selected our destinations. We realize that you are spending your time and money to come all the way to Japan, so we know how important it is that you can have a brand-new experience and see a charming new place.

The population decline in Japan is one of the world’s most severe. Even though famous cities like Tokyo and Kyoto are full of people, uniquely Japanese culture and spirit found in more rural areas could disappear as Japan’s society ages.

Tourism is an effective way of stopping this decline. There are many incredible locations in Japan which are home to special traditions and ways of doing things. But if tourists are only focused on major tourist locations and easily accessible places, these rural areas will remain unknown and their customs will gradually die out. These unique places may not have a lot of English signage or speakers of foreign languages but they are full of truly warm and kind people.

Our mission is to provide ethical and sustainable tour options.
Rather than dumping crowds of unannounced tourists in places to line up, get in the way of other people and take some pictures - we want you to experience much, much more.
The importance of customs in a new place. First hand experience of another culture. Meaningful connections with the locals.
We aim to provide tours that benefit both the travelers and the areas they are visiting.

We want you to be proud to choose Authentrip.
Being an Authentrip customer means that you have a strong sense of values.
We would like to introduce our plan to provide ethical and sustainable tours.

Welcome to Authentrip. Our vision. Your journey.

What makes Authentrip different?

  1. Groups taking Authentrip tours are small. Our tours go to places that big coachloads of tourists do not reach.
  2. We offer a variety of tour options. From short day trips to longer multi-city tours staying overnight in multiple locations
  3. We steer our customers away from tourist traps and towards an authentic experience.
  4. We showcase the unique charm of many different areas of Japan by introducing you to the locals themselves.
  5. In order to achieve sustainable tourism, we reinvest over 70% of our profits in local areas of Japan.

Our Commitment to Sustainable Tourism

In any region, tourism has a direct impact on that area’s employment, economic growth, environment, and biodiversity.
We at Authentrip are striving to meet the Sustainable Tourism Goals advocated by the United Nations World Tourism Organization. Here are some of our approaches to meeting these important goals.

According to the World Economic Forum, as of 2017, Japan ranks 114th in the world gender equality rankings. To promote self-reliance and improve the status of women, we provide a workplace environment where career progress and childbirth/childcare are easily compatible. Furthermore, women occupy more than 50% of our company’s managerial positions.
Sadly, the tourism industry is full of subcontracting and overworked staff as companies attempt to drive down costs. Authentrip is the best choice for the discerning customer who wants to make sure that staff are paid a fair wage. This applies to Authentrip’s staff and to our associated businesses.
Along with our commitment to the economic development of regional communities through tourism, we also actively seek out applicants from developing countries to our internship program to share our knowledge of the tourism business.
Japan is thought of as a wealthy country but due to the aging population, many areas are in serious economic decline. The disparity between the big cities and the countryside is growing. We are striving to revitalize rural communities and helping to uncover the local attractions that make these places so special.
We offer tours to charming places including beaches, rivers, mountains, rural villages and paddy fields showing them just as they are. We avoid locations which are associated with environmentally destructive development in our tours.
We value our partnership with the locals and we also value our partnership with you, the users of Authentrip. We will work hard to achieve our sustainable tourism goals as set out by the UNWTO.
We are proud to be a member of the Kansai SDGs Platform.